Why You Might Be Failing at Acne Scar Treatment

Acne has always been such a pain, making life unbearably embarrassing at critical times in our life. And when it strikes, it does so mercilessly and without reservations. But it is not just skin cells that this monstrosity feeds on. Mentally, it feeds on our self-esteem as well, even in the best of us, and leaves behind physical and emotional scars. What starts out as a pesky pimple can hang around for months and only seems to get worse with age. There are advanced treatment options for acne and more are under development but there has not been a surefire way of eliminating the menace once and for all, until only the past decade.

Just when you think the pesky pimple is gone, the scarring rears its ugly head. Sadly, this usually happens when repeated inflammation damages the skin’s collagen causing scarring tissue to replace the top skin layer. A depression mark is left behind, making it even harder to cope. And these become even more pronounced with age. Now that we know what acne can do and why there is a need to get rid of it at all costs, why does it seem so hard to ditch and what might you be doing wrong which causes the problem to keep recurring?

While most people with acne have tried some sort of topical medicine or other drug to cure the condition, not many of them understand that some factors aggravate the disease. Therefore, we made this list below of what you might want to avoid that generally makes the acne problems worse, especially when you are already undergoing treatment.

Factors that make acne worse:

  • Certain medications

The FDA warns that certain creams and gels sold over the counter as acne scar treatments might actually worsen the condition, depending on the person. To select the best drugs for acne scar treatments, consult with a certified physician or medical doctor first.

  • Diet

You might want to stay away from carbohydrate rich food and skim milk as these have been linked with aggravated cases of the acne condition.

  • Stress

While stress does not cause acne, it could make it worse.

  • Scrubbing skin

A common misconception that acne is caused by dirt lead to people scrubbing their faces and skin vigorously, making the condition worse.

  • Oil-based cosmetics

Keep away from oil-based make-up that clogs the skin. Cosmetics do not cause acne but oil-based make-up could be a reason to be cautious of.

  • Friction

Again, friction normally do not cause acne but can make it worse. Backpacks, helmets, headphones and so on can rub against skin causing acne flare-ups.

While the above factors are just some factors that might cause you to be unsuccessful with acne scar removal treatment Singapore, there are many more things you could be doing wrong. There is no magic technique to eliminate acne in every individual. Rather, if you sense a treatment is not working, you can shift to try another one. When you are not sure what works and what doesn’t, your medical doctor can give you an accurate assessment. Finally, persistence is the key to totally eliminating acne scars and averting future attacks.